Kymera Magic Wand

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The world’s first real magic wand – motion-sensitive, buttonless universal remote control, shaped like a wizard’s wand.

With just a swish and a flick of your wand you can control your iPod dock, TV, DVD or Blu-ray player and much more – it’s like real magic! Beautifully presented in a faux dragonhide-covered silk-lined box – it makes the perfect gift. Compatible with almost all home entertainment equipment that uses an infra-red (IR) remote control. Learns up to 13 remote control buttons.

  • The world’s first real magic wand
  • Use gestures instead of buttons to control your devices
  • Learns up to 13 infra-red (IR) remote control codes
  • Beautifully presented in a faux dragonhide-covered silk-lined box

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The Wand Company’s Kymera Wand universal remote control is not a toy: it is a beautifully designed and highly detailed real working magic wand. It has been carefully fabricated from high quality precision engineered materials and the perfect blend of advanced technology and authentic wizardry results in a truly realistic product.

Its seamless construction and multiple, hand-applied paint finishes mimic a traditionally carved wooden wand. The rich silken lining of the black faux dragonhide box makes the Kymera into a beautiful gift suitable for any fan of Harry Potter, or any other magical fantasy for that matter, and is guaranteed to get your heart racing even before you have picked it up and enjoyed the first thrilling time you wave it to perform your first spell, and control stuff in your home just like a real witch or wizard.

The Kymera Wand is an advanced gesture-based universal remote control that is compatible with almost all home entertainment equipment worldwide, such as iPod docks, TVs and Blu-ray players. With its flick, swish and tap gestures, once you have taught your wand some remote control functions, all you have to do to work your magic, is pick the wand up to turn it on and start using it to control your stuff – magic!

Beautifully made: Seamless construction and slender proportions disguise the high tech wizardry that powers the magical heart of the Kymera. Even the battery door is neatly hidden under the machined metal, chromium-plated end cap.

Beautifully presented: Nestling on a luscious silken bed in a faux dragonhide box, the Kymera Wand is presented in a manner befitting of its awesome power.

Tactile feedback: Magically discreet pulses in the hand tell you what the wand is doing and guide you through its functions.

Hand finished: The Kymera Wand is sprayed and polished a number of times to create the dark, polished-wood appearance before finally being lacquered with a protective clear coat to seal in the finish.

Advanced gesture recognition: 13 gestures allow 13 remote control codes from almost any home entertainment equipment to be stored on the wand and replayed with a deft flick or swish of the wand, allowing you to control your stuff as if by magic.

Illustrated manual: Large, hand-drawn manual continues the magical theme and clearly explains the Wand’s operation, guiding even the most inexperienced wand bearer through the steps needed to master the Kymera’s magical ways.